Picture Your Potential 

Get Visual & Get Ahead E-book Package

How To Identify & Move Past Your Biggest Roadblock To Business Succes In 6 Simple Steps

Inside this E-book Package You’ll Find :

Picture Your Potential

WORKBOOK with 6 Visual Exercises & Worksheets:

Workbook with Visual Exercises Worksheets

This Picture Your Potential Workbook will guide you through 6 Simple Steps To Identify & Move Past Your Biggest Roadblock.  AND shows you how to take action without fear or stress! 

Inside this E-book you’ll learn:

How to discover if you have a YOU-PROBLEM & identify if that’s what HOLDING YOU BACK from growing your business  

✔ Your BusinessGrowthBalance

✔ MoneyMindsetMap: Find Out In Which Direction You Need To Shift Your Money-Mindset To Grow Your Business

How to get past your biggest roadblock and clear the way for your BUSINESS SUCCESS



E-BOOK Visual Notes Get Ahead Challenge

E-BOOK Visual Notes Get Ahead Challenge

In this E-book I have condensed down 24 hours of High Value Video-Trainings into 60+ pages with easy to read & understand, Visual Notes. To learn. To have a quick recap. And most important to implement right away in your business for FAST RESULTS!

Inside this E-book you’ll learn:

✔ The Best Practices, Proven Techniques & Step-By-Step Frameworks of  30 TOP Online Entrepreneurs & Coaches from ALL over the world presented during James Mel’s Get Ahead Challenge.    

✔ All the biggest Take-Aways of the GetAhead-Challenge in 1 short overview.  

BONUS Notes: Content Creation Framework 

 BONUS Notes: Create Engaging Video’s Framework

 BONUS Notes: Virtual Bootcamp Framework



E-BOOK Create Your Own Visual Notes Templates

E-BOOK Create Your Own Visual Notes Templates

This is an e-book I’ve created for you to use while you go trough My Visual Notes of the Get Ahead Challenge. By creating your own notes and visual summary you’ll get to learn quicker, remember better & understand at a deeper level. You can highlight everything that resonates with you most. And get clear on what to take action upon first.So you can also have an even quicker recap when you need to get back to the information.

Inside this E-book you’ll find:

Your Notes Blanc Template

James Mel Blanc Template

Daily guestspeakers Blanc Template


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